THE CENTER FOR TRANSPORTATION STUDIES is the focal point for education, research, and service in transportation engineering at the University of Virginia.  We encourage you to explore our site to learn more about our people, programs, and opportunities for you to grow with us.

Our mission is to improve transportation through innovative applied research, education and development of future transportation leaders, and practical, relevant, career-building training for transportation professionals.

We pursue our mission by the following actions:


  • Offering an interdisciplinary graduate program in transportation engineering
  • Providing specialized transportation courses for undergraduate engineering students
  • Providing internship programs both internally and in partnership with other organizations
  • Ensuring local transportation providers have the skills and knowledge needed to achieve safe, efficient and sustainable transportation systems and infrastructure
  • Offering customized professional training programs designed to support practicing transportation professionals


  • Conducting multi-disciplinary research addressing complex transportation challenge
  • Developing and evaluating strategies that improve safety, mobility and sustainability in transportation systems, and the ability to construct, maintain, and operate transportation infrastructure
  • Working cooperatively and collaboratively with other research organizations and disciplines
  • Investing in technologies that support transportation research


  • Supporting local, state, and federal government agencies on transportation initiatives
  • Actively participating in professional societies
  • Providing general transportation information to the public