We just received the attached list of projects from the Mid-Atlantic University Transportation Center led by Pennsylvania State University. These projects spanned the period from 2012 – 2014. The UVA projects and URL links are listed here. Projects from the other consortium universities are found here.

Karst Topography: Noninvasive Geophysical Detection Methods and Construction Techniques

Next Generation Traffic Management Centers

Performance Evaluation of Damage-Integrated Girder Bridges

Transit Signal Priority with Connected Vehicle Technology

The Need for Conducting Forensic Analysis of Decommissioned Bridges

Feasibility of Using Shape Memory Alloys to Develop Self Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridge Girders

Development of Digital Instructional Modules for Transportation Engineers Overviewing the Fundamentals of How to Obtain Soil Properties in Practice

Multimodal Enhancements to Public Private Partnerships

Sinkhole Risk Assessment Along Roadway Construction.

Trenchless Technology Settlement Investigation/Study of a Pipe-Scanning Robot for use in Post-Construction Evaluation during Horizontal Directional Drilling

Webinars to Disseminate Information and Results from University of Virginia and Virginia Tech MAUTC Research Projects