Transportation safety engineer’s role is critical to serving localities

Rebecca Golden, PE

The CENTER FOR TRANSPORTATION STUDIES at the University of Virginia, in partnership with the Virginia Department of Transportation and the VIRGINIA TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH COUNCIL, has announced the appointment of a full-time Safety Circuit Rider engineer, an important component of the Virginia Local Technical Assistance Program. The Center, which administers Virginia’s LTAP, has hired Rebecca Golden as its first Safety Circuit Rider.

The appointment is the final piece to fully deploying the SAFETY CIRCUIT RIDER PROGRAM, which serves a critical function by helping local governments and agencies improve the safety of their road systems. The Safety Circuit Rider program was created to primarily serve small Virginia cities, towns and localities that maintain a total of about 11,000 miles of streets and roadways. The program provides four key services: in-classroom transportation safety training; one-on-one technical assistance and site visits, including grant and proposal development support for state and federal aid; and an annual low-cost safety initiative.

Read the announcement here.