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Brian L. Smith, P.E., F.ASCE
Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Brian L. Smith
University of Virginia
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Thornton Hall
351 McCormick Road
PO Box 400742
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4742
Phone: (434) 243-8585
FAX: 434-982-2951

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Biographical Information

Brian Smith is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He specializes in transportation systems engineering. His research focuses on intelligent transportation systems (ITS), particularly in advanced transportation management & information technology application. Dr. Smith is an ASCE Fellow, and recipient of the ASCE Huber Research Prize, the CUTC-ARTBA New Faculty Member Award, the NSF CAREER award, an Eno Transportation Leadership Fellow, and a 2001-2002 University of Virginia Teaching Fellow. He is the author of a chapter on Transportation Management in the text "Intelligent Transportation Primer."

Dr. Smith serves on numerous national committees and task forces. He is Chair of ASCE's Transportation & Development Institute's Committee on Advanced Technologies, and is a member of the Information Systems and Technology and Regional Trasnportation Systems Management and Operations committees of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). Dr. Smith is an associate editor of the ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, , and sits on the editorial board of Transportation Research, Part C.


  • ASCE Fellow 2009
  • ASCE Walter L. Huber Research Award 2006
  • VEF Faculty Fellow in Civil Engineering 2004 - 2009
  • Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) New Faculty Member Award, 2004
  • Civil Engineering Teaching Award 2003
  • University of Virginia Teaching Fellows Program 2001-2002
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award 2000-2004
  • Selected participant - National Academy of Engineering's Sixth Annual 2000 Symposium on Frontiers of Engineering (100 engineers selected competitively)
  • Fellow - Eno Center for Transportation Leadership 1993

Research Interests

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), particularly in advanced transportation management.
  • IntelliDriveSM
  • Sustainable transportation systems
  • Statistical modeling, traffic flow theory, information technology, simulation, data mining, geographic information systems (GIS), and artificial intelligence.

Recent Publications

Tanikella, H., and Smith, B.L.  “An Investigation of the Application of Stratified Sampling in Probe Based Traffic Monitoring Systems.”  Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems.  Vol. 14, No. 2, 2010.  Pp 83-94.

Zhang, G., Smith, B.L., and Guo, J.  “A Peer-to-Peer Based Publish/Subscribe Architecture for Advanced Infrastructure Systems.”  ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering.  Vol. 24, No. 1, 2010.  Pp 65-72.

Guo, J., Xia, J., and Smith, B. L.  “A Kalman Filter Approach to Speed Estimation Using Single Loop Detector Measurements Under Congested Conditions.”  ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering.  Vol. 135, No. 12, 2009.  Pp. 927-934.

Smith, B. L., Venkatanarayana, R., and Griffin, S. O.  “Analysis of Standard Operating Procedures for Enhanced Regional Transportation Systems Operations.”  Transportation Research Record.  No. 1210.  2009.  Pp. 94-101.

Venkatanarayana, R., Smith, B.L., Park, H.  “Scenario-Driven Computer-Based Regional Incident Management Training.”  Transportation Research Record. No. 2064.  2008Pp. 1-6.

Smith, B.L., Griffin, S.O., and Venkatanarayana, R.  “Research to Production:  Lessons Learned from an Innovative Information System Development Approach.”   Transportation Research Record. No. 2064.  2008Pp. 7-11.

Smith, B.L.  “Information Technology (IT) as a Critical Element of the Transportation Infrastructure – A Critical Analysis of IT in Modern Transportation Agencies.”  Transportation Research Record. No. 2064.  2008Pp. 19-23.

Tanikella, H., Smith, B. L., Zhang, G., Park, B. B., Guo, J., and Scherer, W.T.  “Development and Evaluation of a Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Simulation Architecture.” ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering. Vol. 21, No. 6. 2007.  Pp 434-440.

Venkatanarayana, R., Smith, B. L., and Demetsky, M. J., “Quantum-Frequency Algoirhtm for the Automated Identification of Traffic Patterns.”  Transportation Research Record.  No. 2024.  2007.   Pp 8-17.

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