Project Name

Applied Research & Training Program to Support VDOT Information Technology Division

Research Team

Jon Goodall, Brian Smith, Emily Parkany


Other Virginia Department of Transportation

Project Dates

2/1/14 to 9/30/14

Project Description

We propose a 9-month pilot program to initiate an applied research and training program designed to provide support for the VDOT Information Technology Division. The intention of this program is to function in a way similar to more traditional research programs delivered by the Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research (VCTIR) in areas such as traffic engineering and structures. The pilot program will allow personnel at the University of Virginia Center for Transportation Studies (UVA CTS) and VDOT ITD to build the collaborative relationships needed for a successful program, through short-term targeted applied research and training efforts. The pilot program is composed of two applied research efforts, and the development of a new training offering.

The first research project involves greater exposure of currently inaccessible VDOT geospatial resources to relevant organizations.  UVA researchers will identify potentially beneficial data services, investigate existing transportation-related data services provided by others, find success stories of other state DOTs releasing data as services, and prioritize available data resources so that the most useful data services are exposed.  The second research project involves crash data modeling.  This project will be conducted by investigating best practices in data collection used by other transportation agencies, research into advances in data modeling, prototype development of improved data models and case study uses of the models to investigate their effectiveness.  The training project involves improving awareness of the geospatial data and tools available within VDOT.


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