Project Name

CV PFS DMA Multi-Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal System – Phase II: System Development, Deployment and Field Test

Research Team

Brian Smith

Hyungjun Park


Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research

Other Sponsors

Federal Highway Administration

Project Dates

August 15, 2013 - present

Project Description

Task 1: Program Management

In this task, UVA CTS team will conduct the work necessary to manage and administer the project. Specific tasks include:

  • Coordinate meetings and after actions;
  • Manage budge resources; and
  • Other administrative tasks as identified

Task 2: Prepare the scope for Phase II MMITSS Project

In this task, the UVA CTS team will work with the University of Arizona team to finalize the scope and budge of the Phase II MMITSS project. Specific tasks include:

  • Review and provide comments on the draft Phase ii scope documents;
  • Circulate and synthesize feedback’s from the CTS PFS members on draft Phase II scope documents; and
  • Finalize the scope and budget of the Phase II MMITSS project

Task 3: Conduct Contractual Procedure

With the scope and budget document prepared in the previous task, UVA CTS will establish a contract with the University of Arizona team.

Task 4: Manage Project Activities

Once the project has been awarded, UVA CTS will continue managing the project activities throughout the project period. Specifically UVA CTS will:

  • Maintain the project schedule;
  • Review, publish and disseminate deliverables;
  • Provide technical comments to contractors to enhance the quality of products; and
  • To finally examine whether the product meets the expectation in the scope and budget document.

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