Project Name

Modeling HOT Lane Demand as a Function of General Purpose Lane Density and HOT Toll Rates

Research Team

Brian Smith

Sampson Asare


Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research

Other Sponsors


Project Description

With the recent opening of HOT Lanes in Northern Virginia, a transportation alternative has been added that has never before been available in Virginia. While HOT Lanes are operated by a private entity, they do offer an alternative for motorists that does not require a change in mode, or even route. The question is how does a VDOT Transportation Operaions Center (TOC) put HOT Lanes into the mix of possible actions that may be taken for such situations as incident management. In order to address this question, it is first necessary to understand how the level of congestion (or density of traffic) in general purpose lanes, along with the toll rate for HOT lanes, impacts the behavior of drivers. In other words, when do drivers divert to HOT lanes? UVA CTS has obtained traffic and toll data for HOT facilities in Miami, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and San Diego. Using this data, this relationship will be explored.

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