The Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Virginia (UVA) oversees a comprehensive transportation program including education, research, and professional training. With longstanding ties to such organizations as the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC), the Mid-Atlantic Universities Transportation Center, and the Federal Highway Administration, we offer a comprehensive research program, covering areas such as intelligent transportation systems, transportation planning and logistics, traffic simulation, highway safety, sustainable transportation, infrastructure management, and freight and traffic operations. In the area of professional training our initiatives include the UVA Transportation Training Academy (TTA) administering the VA Local Transportation Assistance Program (VA LTAP)  and the Transportation Project Management Institute (TPMI), a two- week residential training program intended to improve the ability of engineers in the public and private sectors to deliver high-quality transportation design projects.

Our faculty is highly regarded both as scholars and as researchers. They are valued for their dedication to the education of their students, their willingness to take on new and complex challenges in research, and for their active roles in professional societies and research organizations.

Expertise in transportation research, education, and training has been a long-standing tradition at the University of Virginia. Today, the Center for Transportation Studies works closely with state, regional, and federal organizations on projects that enhance the efficiency of our transportation infrastructure and improve the safety of those who rely on it. Our goal has always been to conduct innovative research with actionable results in a wide range of transportation areas. Our focus on implementation and the expansion of knowledge is a hallmark of our education program.

The foundation for the center is our productive, dedicated faculty. Together, they have attracted a group of outstanding graduate students. We are also proud of our research facilities including the Smart Travel Laboratory (STL) and the Traffic Operations Laboratory.

Please contact us to learn more about transportation studies at the University of Virginia, our faculty and facilities, our research partners, and the many initiatives in research, education, and outreach that are ongoing at the Center.