CTS conducts high-quality, innovative research that leads to application, with particular expertise in transportation operations, planning, connected/automated vehicles, safety, policy, public transportation, freight, infrastructure, and sustainability. Our faculty and research staff are highly regarded in their areas. The pioneering research conducted at CTS contributes significant transportation innovations making travel safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Our research enterprise focuses on four overarching guiding principles:

  1. Multi-disciplinary research addressing complex transportation challenges
  2. Strategies to improve safety, mobility and sustainability in transportation systems, and the ability to construct, maintain, and operate transportation infrastructure
  3. Collaboration with other research organizations and agencies
  4. Investment in technologies supporting transportation research.

We maintain close ties with our sponsors, such as the the Virginia Department of Transportation, US Department of Transportation, the National Science Foundation, and the Transportation Research Board, to ensure we are responsive to their needs.

Select Projects

Method for rapidly assessing the overtopping risk of bridges due to flooding over a large geographic region (2017 in press). Y.Shen, J.L. Goodall, and S.B. Chase.

An experimental-computational correlated study for describing the failure characteristics of concrete across two scale levels: mixture and structural component (2017). A. Gheitasi, D.K. Harris, and M.E. Hansen.

Multimodal transportation facility resilience index (2017). N. Attoh-Okine and L. Ivey-Burden.

Driver education for new multimodal facilities (2016). A. Mondschein, S. Johnson, and J. Lehman.

Integrated data for improved asset management (2016). Y.Shen, J.L. Goodall, D.K. Harris, and B.L. Smith.

Investigating driver response time to freeway merge advisories in a connected vehicle environment (2016). M.T. Hayat, H. Park, and B.L. Smith.

Operations of a shared, autonomous, electric vehicle fleet: Implications of vehicle & charging infrastructure decisions (2016). T.D. Chen, K.M. Kockelman, and J.P. Hanna.

Structural enhancements to adapt to impact of climate change (2016). O.E. Ozbulut, S. Daghash, M.M. Sherif, and D.K. Harris.